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The BNBFutures

The Long Term BNB
Generating Machine

Generate profits through our First DAPP built for longetivity to create a real peace of mind. The fully audited solidity and wallet codes provide a strong guaranty for both your investment and profits

  • No Rug Pull
  • Anti-whale and Anti-Fund-Depletion system
  • Investment from 0.01 BNB
  • Sustanable daily Return on investment
  • Referral Program up to 10 levels
  • Weekly dividend withdrawal
  • Referral bonus collect at any time
  • And many more features…

Contract Stats

35.859914 BNB
Total Investments
Futures Trading Balance
2.33904 BNB
Total Withdrawn
1.71077 BNB
Total Referral Rewards



Number of Days Deposit:  


Amount Deposit:  
Daily ROI
Total ROI
In 0 days you will get:


0.00000 BNB

My BNB Invested
Total BNB deposits made and re-invested
since joined

0.00000 BNB

Dividends Withdrawn
Total BNB withdrawn combination of
dividends and referral rewards earned.

0.00000 BNB

Referral Rewards Earned
A total from all levels of referral program.

0.00000 BNB

Available for Withdraw
Grab this once in a while if network fee won't hurt.



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Referral Levels

  • Level 1 7% Invites: 0
  • Level 2 5% Invites: 0
  • Level 3 3% Invites: 0
  • Level 4 2% Invites: 0
  • Level 5 1% Invites: 0
  • Level 6 0.5% Invites: 0
  • Level 7 0.5% Invites: 0
  • Level 8 0.5% Invites: 0
  • Level 9 0.5% Invites: 0
  • Level 10 0.5% Invites: 0

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is  BNB Futures ?

    BNB Futures is a decentralized and audited investment platform running on Binance Smart Chain. Your investment is backed by contract crypto trading known as Futures.

  • Why should I choose BNB Futures over other smart contracts ?

    The combination of no-Rug-pull, anti-whale features means that the end-user benefits from the safest smart contract on the market

  • What does « No Rug-Pull » means ?

    A rug pull is a malicious maneuver in the cryptocurrency industry where crypto developers abandon a project and run away with investors’ funds.

    The audited contract and creator’s wallet prevent us to make such a thing, no matter what would happen.

  • What do Anti-whale system mean ?

    For every withdrawal there is a maximum 20 BNB allowed, once a week for the dividend, anytime for the referral bonus. The maximum amount that an account can fully invest is 230 BNB.

  • How can I invest ?

    You can invest for a minimum of 0.01 BNB, with additional network fee to be expected. Once you made your first deposit you will be given your referral link so you can promote and enjoy your referral bonus.

  • Can I make multiple deposits ?

    Yes of course, as long as it doesn’t reach the limit of 230 BNB.

  • What is the Referral Program ?

    Our referral program is up to 10 levels. First level will reward 7% of every downline's deposit, second level 5%, third level will reward 3%, on fourth level 2%, on the fifth level 1%, and lastly on levels 6-10 you will earn 0.5%. Referral rewards be collected anytime. Once you made your first deposit you will be given your referral link so you can promote and enjoy your referral bonus.

  • How can I collect my deposit ?

    As soon as you make your deposit it will directly be combined with the interest income, and you will receive both of them when you collect your dividends.

  • When can I withdraw my dividends and referral bonus ?

    You can withdraw your dividend once a week, and your referral bonus anytime you want. Change to: You can withdraw your dividend once a week on every Friday, and your referral bonus anytime you want.